We're proud to say that The Hammer Feeding System timed protein feeders have helped thousands of hunters and ranch managers to better manage their feeding efforts and we look forward to helping many more in the future.

In ​2011, we were having trouble keeping feed in our protein feeders, due to the severe drought experienced across most of Texas.  We made that trip to our lease every 4 weeks with a ton of feed, only to have the feeder emptied in 2-3 weeks.  Our trail cameras clearly showed that when the feeders ran dry, the deer moved out in search of feed.

That situation got us to thinking about some other way to feed deer.  After many hours at the drawing board and many hours of research and development, in 2012, we put the first timed protein feeder prototype in the field.  We used it to train our deer to feed in the daylight hours.

We were quite excited with our observations of how our deer reacted to our prototype.  We had a really nice deer that we were hoping to get a crack at.  The problem was, he was eating at the free choice feeder at night, but never in the daylight.  We had 2 years of trail camera pictures but not one daylight picture.  So, we put our prototype to work to see if we could get this deer to feed in the daylight hours.  In early September, we set the timed protein feeder to feed only during the daylight.  According to trail camera photos, that deer changed his feeding habits and was harvested on opening weekend of archery season.  That was the proof we needed.