The Hammer Feeding System Timed Protein Feeders

It is our belief that when it comes to feeding deer, every pound makes a difference.  Whether you're feeding to draw deer in or you're feeding to improve your deer herd's health or for bigger racks, understanding how much difference a pound of feed makes is important in setting and achieving your goals.

Under normal range conditions, an adult deer will consume 2-3 pounds of supplemental feed a day, if available.  In high stress periods of the year, that number goes up.  When natural browse is abundant, that number goes down.  The high stress periods, after the rut and late summer, are the times of year to increase your feeding efforts for the biggest return on your investment.  So, understand how many deer will benefit when you set your feeding plan.

If you plan to feed as an attractant, the timed feeding function of "The Hammer" allows you to feed in small doses.  The best time of day to feed your attractant will be early morning and late evening, when mature bucks prefer to feed.

There is no debating that full free choice feeding provides the most benefit to the whole herd.  The biggest problem with that strategy is the cost, followed closely by the time it takes to keep feeders full.  If money and time weren't a concern, you probably wouldn't be here on this site.  Whatever your feeding budget is, The Hammer Feeding System timed protein feeders can help you manage your time and budget.

So, how do we use "The Hammer" where we hunt?  Our budget is 2000# of protein feed a month.  That's 500# per week.  That's 70# per day.  Our feeding strategy is to feed that 70# every single day in a way that meets our goal of growing bigger racks.  To grow bigger racks, we feed free choice during the six hours every day when middle-age and mature bucks are most likely to be at the feeder.  That's three hours in the early morning and three hours in the late evening, but we do not feed in the middle of the night.  When the free choice ends and the gate closes, there is still feed left in the tubes to be eaten by does and young bucks until its gone.  So, with our strategy, bucks get ALL they want and the rest of our herd gets SOME of what they want.  That's how we manage our budget and that's how The Hammer Feeding System timed protein feeders work for us.