• ​Regulates your feed or attractant
  • Minimizes waste
  • Trains your deer
  • Saves money
  • ​Saves time

The Hammer Feeding System ​Timed Protein Feeders

Its simple! "The Hammer" controls the gravity flow of feed into your feed tube.  You decide when and for how long the tube gets filled -  from one tube full a day to full free choice feeding or anywhere between.

Feed your favorite attractant in small doses to keep them coming around.

By utilizing The Hammer Feeding System timed protein feeders in more of a free choice application, you can still manage how many hours a day your deer eat free choice.

Whether you're setting up a new feeder or converting an existing one, just install "The Hammer" on your feeder, program your feeding times and start training your deer to feed on YOUR schedule.

​​How It Works

Draw 'em In      &    Grow 'em Big

MMC Innovations LLC

El Campo, Texas​

How To Use It

The Benefits

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